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Lusawsky. Composer of Corleone and many tv series, horror movies and trailers ( Ambulance)
Cool stuff

Awesome stuff! I always use Quake for trailers and more….

Manny Mendelson
This plugin has everything

Sounds are spot-on. Interface is intuitive yet powerful. I hope to buy every plugin you make.

Regular price $29.00
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We are proud to present the next release in our Artist Series instruments - Quake - featuring the sound design of our own Simon Haglund. The artist series instruments will each highlight one of our composer/sound designers, where they will create most or all of the samples on their own.

Quake offers something lacking in the industry today — the ability to create a wide variety of custom downers and drops that not only sound unique but can also fit to your tracks, regardless of tempo.  Made for both production music and trailer music, Quake gives you the ultimate tool for downer creation.

The instrument provides you with 55 different whoosh effects and over 250 different one-shot samples combined in our 3-layer engine to generate downers and boom effects. Play the downer by itself or play any of the whooshes which are programmed to play the downer automatically at the end of the whoosh. Create endless combinations of downers to fit any genre.

And, of course, randomization options are available to give you a quick inspiration boost at any time!

Quake provides a single Kontakt (5.8+) instrument as well as a Kontakt 6 version (raw 24 bit/ 48k wav files also provided).

  • Thousands and thousands of unique combinations available via our 3 layer engine, allowing you to create truly unique downers and sounds for your compositions
  • Per-layer Attack and Release controls
  • Per-layer pitch shifting to allow up to +2/-2 octaves(adjusted in semi-tones)
  • Per-layer time stretching to stretch or compress the sounds to fit your tempo or design
  • Per-layer source selection and randomization
  • Per-layer solo, mute, volume and panning controls
  • Volume, high / low pass filter and pitch shifting +2/-2 octaves (adjusted in semi-tones) for the whoosh layer
  • Instrument level randomizer to randomize sources for all 3 layers, giving you instant inspiration and creative freedom
  • Keyboard mapped to play the engineered downer on C3 and each whoosh followed by the engineered downer on all other keys
  • Global FX, including tempo-synched LFO (for gating effects), High and Lowpass Filter, and convolution reverb
  • Big Knob for a custom blend audio processing to make your downers get bigger and more aggressive
  • All sources recorded at 24bit, 48k quality 


Full version of Kontakt 5.8+ Required.

Requires only 472 MB Disk Space

All samples also provided as WAV files in 24bit/48k quality.

This instrument downloads via the Pulse Downloader. Get it here: PulseDownloader.com

PDF Manual: Download