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We are a small group of composers and sound designers with many years of experience in trailer and production music. Our instruments and sounds are simple, meant to be layered and augmented by our users.

Our instruments are generally born from frustration with libraries we have purchased, which may sound great but leave us wanting. Whether it is wishing for dry versions of booms or the ability to modify layers within braams, we find ourselves often having to create our own sounds to get exactly what we need.

The main focus of our instruments is to give simple, quality, easy-to-use instruments with various options for each sample (dry, wet, gated, panned, etc) while also allowing for augmentation with the user interface options.

Collectively, our music and sound design has been used in hundreds of television programs and many trailers. Some of the more notable placements include:

Sounds and instruments should be easy to use...

and even easier to fit into a mix


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