What does Full Kontakt vs. Kontakt Player Mean?

A 'Full Kontakt' instrument will require a paid version of Native Instrument's Kontakt in order to work on your system and will not install via Native Access. It will instead require download via the free Pulse Downloader application.

A 'Kontakt Player' instrument will run in the both the full version of Kontakt AND the FREE Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. Additionally, instruments made for the Free Kontakt Player will also appear within the Library tab of Kontakt and install via Native Access.

Why don't all of your instruments work in the free Kontakt Player?

In order for an instrument to operate in the free Kontakt player, there are some significant costs involved. Because of this, some of our older instruments were only made for the full version of Kontakt. However, as we move ahead, our releases all target the free Kontakt Player.

What is Pulse Downloader and why do I need it?

Pulse Downloader is a free application used to manage software downloads. We use Pulse Downloader for our sound packs as well as our 'full Kontakt' instruments because it is stable, reliable, free and easy to use. You can download it from pulsedownloader.com.

I got an order confirmation but no download link. Why?

When you order a product through our shop, you will get 2 emails. The first is the order confirmation from our store. The second email will be sent from a third party. For Full Kontakt instruments and Sound Packs, you will receive an email from Pulse Downloader with your download keys. If you don't see this immediately, please check your junk and spam folders.

For Kontakt Player instruments, you will receive an email with a Native Access serial number which you can use to register and install your product via Native Access. Again, if you don't see this immediately, please check your junk and spam folders.

Where are my snapshot presets?

For our Full Kontakt instruments that download and install via Pulse Downloader, there is an extra step required to get the product snapshots to show up in Kontakt.

The process is generally the same for every product, however, there are some minor differences for products with multiple Kontakt instruments. Because of this, please refer to the Owner's Manual for each product. You will find a section related to snapshot installation at the end of each manual.

The most updated version of each manual can be found on the product page for each instrument on our website.

What is Fallout's EULA?

By purchasing audio samples and virtual instruments from Fallout Music Group or any authorized company which sells Fallout Music Group products, you expressly agree and accept this license agreement.

The sounds provided in the Fallout Music Group products are licensed, not sold, to the user as-is. Fallout Music Group retains all ownership of sound recordings.

When purchasing Fallout Music Group products you are granted a lifetime, non- transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide license for synchronization rights, including the royalty-free usage of all sounds in compositions such as songs, albums, remixes, commercials, jingles, post productions, commissioned work, trailers, soundtracks, film, theatre, musicals, production music libraries and live performances.

You are legally prohibited to distribute, lend, rent or sell your copy in part or in whole or upload any of our products to web-based storage devices.

The sounds may be used without additional licensing concerns, however they may not be used to make content for other sample libraries or virtual instruments.

Fallout Music Group will not be held responsible if the samples or instruments do not fit your particular purpose. Our instruments and samples are licensed “as-is” without warranties of any kind.

The Licensee MAY NOT use our instruments or samples for purposes of A.I. (artificial intelligent) training or within A.I. generated music without additional written permission from Fallout Music Group

You may download this EULA HERE