Shelter Broken Toy Piano

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James Cornelius
Toy Piano

Excellent. so different

Russell Cardwell
Nice Crisp & Bright High Tuned Percussion

I found this to perfect for adding a sharp, high-pitched layer to other instruments, such as piano or EP, as well as synth patches. I haven’t tried it on its own, but as an easy way to enhance other instruments, it is top-notch. I may try it on its own in a horror score coming up. I think it will be delightfully creepy.

Creepy toy piano

Veri nice broken toy piano!
3 cool sound layers. Simple and beautiful interface. I also liked the built-in effects.

Larry Rousseve

Shelter Broken Toy Piano

Christopher Nielsen
Fantastic set of tools!

Fantastic set of tools!

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Our Shelter Series of instruments are available, free of charge, for musicians and composers around the world. Our goal is to simply raise awareness and hopefully boost contributions to various charities that help children and animals. 

We've added the "Coffee Cup" scale on each shelter instruments to suggest a donation amount, should you choose to donate. Each cup = the cost of 1 cup of coffee wherever you live.

If you can, please consider donating here to one of our selected charities. Any amount is greatly appreciated!


Broken Toy Piano is a simple playable instrument created from Randon's toy piano. Of course, the range was extended artificially to give you more than 2 octaves.

The piano was a bit broken to start with, but completely destroyed by the time recording was completed. This allowed capture of the main keys, followed by just the key click noises and then some extra rattling key noises (once the toy piano was filled with a layer of screws, nuts bolts and random metals).

Further customizations are available with the onboard FX, including EQ, ADSR, Saturation, Distortion, Flanger, delay, Plate Reverb and convolution reverb.

Shelter Series Broken Toy Piano features include:

  • Randon's broken toy piano sampled at 4 velocity layers and pitched to span a 5 octave range
  • 3 Channel Mixer to mix the main sound with the extra 'woody' key clicks and the rattling key recordings
  • Global FX, including saturation, distortion, flanger, plate reverb, convolution reverb, and delay
  • ADSR controls
  • All sources recorded at 24bit, 48k quality


Suggested Donation:


Full version of Kontakt 6.7.1+ Required.

Requires only 150MB Disk Space

Our instruments download via the Pulse Downloader. Get it here: