Shelter Series Randonspiel

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Another great library!

Even if this was regular price, it's a buy! Great way to give something and get something. Thank you, Fallout, once again.

Michael Allison

Shelter Series Randonspiel

Vitalii Safronov
Great instrument!

Really interesting instrument for sound design!

kevin marshall
Shelter Series Randonspiel

So good I had to share with friends

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Our Shelter Series of instruments are available, free of charge, for musicians and composers around the world. Our goal is to simply raise awareness and hopefully boost contributions to various charities that help children and animals. 

We've added the "Coffee Cup" scale on each shelter instruments to suggest a donation amount, should you choose to donate. Each cup = the cost of 1 cup of coffee wherever you live.

If you can, please consider donating here to one of our selected charities. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Randonspiel is a quirky, unique instrument based on the sampling of Randon’s travel glockenspiel. The instrument was sampled with 4 velocity layers across the entire range (2.5 octaves). Then the bottom half was unnaturally extended to five a full, playable range with some strange and unique sounds in the lower registers.

To take it a step further, the instrument was then morphed in 4 different ways for each of the 4 velocity layers, giving 4 different characters and sounds to the instrument. The 4 different layers are then blended to your wishes using an XY controller. 

Further customizations are available with the onboard FX, including distortion, ac box/tremelo, filters, delay and convolution reverb.

Shelter Series Randonspiel features include:

  • Randon's travel glockenspiel sampled at 4 velocity layers 4 times with different processing
  • XY pad to blend between the 4 flavors of glockenspiel recordings
  • Global FX, including high and low pass filters, delay reverb, distortion and AC Box (Tremolo)
  • ADSR controls
  • All sources recorded at 24bit, 48k quality


Suggested Donation:


Audio Demos:


Full version of Kontakt 5.8+ Required.

Requires 1 GB Disk Space

This instrument downloads via the Pulse Downloader. Get it here:

PDF Manual: Download